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You are ready for studio or live recording? Whether you are a newcomer, a professional band or a solo artist who loves hand crafted, organic and warm analog sound – this is the right place for you. I cover band live recordings as well as individual artist recordings. Let’s create a unique sound together that keeps up with the latest recordings and inspires your audience!

Full Production

The full production service covers support in songwriting, choosing the perfect sound for your music and personality and vocal/instrument recording. Together we will create an outstanding vision and produce a sound that sharpens your profile as an recording artist. We will work in my Cologne based studio or via livestream – let’s create a warm, organic and unmistakable sound that your audience will love.


I will get the best out of your music and deliver a high class, radio ready mix. You want your song mixes to sound three dimentional, immersive, warm and pristine? Send me your tracks then! I use an hybrid mixing setup consisting of selected high quality hard- and software. You can join me in the studio or send your files Online and join the mixing process via live stream.

Watch Soda Frizzante – Blurred (Live at Way Of Sound Studio Cologne)


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Silvan Radeloff // Artist, Producer & Mixing Engineer

Hey I’m Silvan music producer, mixing engineer & multi-instrumentalist from Cologne with 8+ years professional experience and music placements in SPOTIFY editorial Playlists, radio and TV shows. After graduating in Audio Production it took me some detours till I came back to the roots of my interest: creating music and helping artists and musicians getting the best out of their music. With passion for unique soundscapes, creative songwriting and inclusive production approaches, I like to bridge genre constraints and merge elements of alternative pop, folk, soul/r’n’b, funk and experimental electronica in my productions. I’m happy to help you with your project with premium recording, songwriting, production and mixing – let’s get in touch!


Artist: CRAYE

Single: Creep

written, mixed & produced

Artist: Soda Frizzante

Single: Dreams

recorded, mixed & produced

Artist: CRAYE

Album: A Wild Guess

written, recorded, produced & mixed

Artist: Soda Frizzante

EP: Behind The Blossom

recorded, mixed & produced

Artist: Reevkin

Single: Careless

mixed & produced

Artist: CBUS

Single: Analog City

live recorded, mixed & mastered

Artist: Soda Frizzante

Single: Moondance

drum recording, mixing

Artist: Reevkin & IAMSLVN

Single: Still

mixed & produced

Artist: CRAYE

Single: Only Tonight

recorded, mixed & produced

Artist: Liza Dries

Single: DD (live video version)

live recording, co-mixing

Artist: CBUS

Album: Conquest of Planet Surf

live recorded, mixed & mastered

Project: Welcome to the NHK

Kunde: Koelnsynchron

synchron mixing, deutsche Synchronfassung

Projekt: Bilder allein zuhaus

Kunde: Logosynchron/ARTE

synchron recording

Projekt: Ensemblia Software Instrument

Cinematique Instruments

patches composing/programming


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